Soundproofing and noise control for Commercial buildings

Noise Insulation Bangkok is the manufacturer of BlastBlock noise control and soundproofing solutions for a wide range of applications. The exact composition of BlastBlock has been developed over the years,  improved by testing in multiple acoustical laboratories and optimized by a team of most experienced acoustical engineers.
BlastBlock can be used to solve noise problems in buildings such as studios, houses, condominiums, apartments, hotels, offices, educational buildings, institutional buildings, etc.

Our noise control engineers with years of experience in Building Acoustics are here to support and advise you the best solution for your noise-proofing issue. Noise and especially noise control is not easy to comprehend and needs experienced engineers to come up with the right, most effective and low-cost solution.

Please describe your noise control issue and our engineers will advise you the best way to solve it, just fill in the contact-form.