Plumbing and appliance noise

BlastBlock to solve Appliance and plumbing noise

Appliance noise can be very annoying, flushing water from the toilet or just from using the tap?

No matter what kind of plumbing noise it is, Blastblock product is very good to mitigate appliance noise by isolating the pipes.

It is easy and quick installation process, will solve your noise problem just like that. Fit the BlastBlock on the pipes and the noise will be cancelled.

In addition, also make sure to prevent as many rigid connections between the pipes and your walls as structural noise will become airborne noise.

BlastBlock is water-resistant so it will last and abate the noise from plumbing for a very long time.

Apart from applying BlastBlock, you can also do the following to support the BlastBlock insulation:

  • Adjust the water pressure, if the water pressure is very high the noise will be very loud
  • Make sure all mounting straps are tightened (don’t give them space to rattle)
  • Check the air chamber in your plumbing, refill them with air, it will work as a cushion and prevent the water from slamming against piping

Together with BlastBlock, this should be the best noise insulation for your plumbing noise!