Industrial noise control and noise mitigation

Industrial noise control and soundproofing

Working noise is one of the hazards when working in the industry. It is well accepted that the noise level must be within the criteria to prevent hearing loss for workers.

However, noise is more than just a nuisance, it is a real health risk. In addition, productivity will increase dramatically when the factory noise levels are low.

There are no solutions for loud hearing loss. But can be 100% protected!

Surely, the industry noise will not only exist in the building only. Such noise is emitted in the building environment. BlastBlock can also help reduce the transmission of sound signals to the boundary or surrounding residential areas. 


This can be done in the form of reducing noise at the machine, improving parts of the construction of the building or creating sound walls with BlastBlock. 

Our noise control engineers with years of experience in Building Acoustics are here to support and advise you the best solution for your noise-proofing issue.
Noise and especially noise control is not easy to comprehend and needs experienced engineers to come up with the right, most effective and low-cost solution.

Please describe your noise control issue and our engineers will advise you the best way to solve it, just fill in the contact-form.