BlastDrum anti drum 1 mm thickness, 1 side self-adhesive

BlastDrum is an acoustically optimized mass loaded vinyl (mlv) with aluminum for soundproofing and sound blocking. Very strong, flexible and easy to install.


  • automotive insulation
  • engine room insulation
  • boat/yacht insulation
  • machine / equipment insulation
  • furniture insulation
  • interior design insulation
MaterialAcoustically optimized Mass loaded vinyl, Aluminium
Size1200 mm x 600 mm
Thickness1 mm / 2 mm / 3 mm
Weight1.6 / 3.3 / 4.9 kg /m2
Transmission Loss (dB)12 dB /19 dB / 26 dB
Heat tolerance (°C)93 °C
UV resistantYes

Physical Properties:

  • Weight 1.6 / 3.3 or 4.9 kg per square meter
  • 1 side self-adhesive
  • Tensile strength min. 510 PSI
  • Color black (high UV resistance)
  • Composition: Proprietary Acoustically optimized mass loaded vinyl-based compound
  • Flammability MVSS 302 – Passes; SAE J 369 passes 2.6” per minute

Acoustic performance for BlastBlock

ASTM E90 Sound Transmission Loss dB

Other benefits:
• 100% Recyclable
• Highest Mold Resistance Rating
• High Acoustical Performance Ratings

Good heat and fire resistance elasticity and tensile strength.
No manufacturing emissions, no waste pollution, environmental protection and can be recycled several times.

BlastDrum is a non-toxic flexible acoustic material that is easy to install and can be easily cut on-site with a regular utility knife.