BlastCham, Mini Anechoic Chamber for testing small devices

BlastCham, Mini Anechoic Chamber for testing small devices.

Small devices can be tested in the BlastCham mini anechoic room, such as automotive parts, small motors, dental drills, fans, speakers, and audio-related equipment, electronics, telecommunications equipment. (Mobile phones), medical equipment, etc.

The advantage of a small anechoic room is that it is portable and does not have to be permanently installed in the building.

A low-cost solution for measurement compared to full-size anechoic rooms
No need to install, just allocate space for it
High efficiency,
Its sound is very well absorbed in the anechoic mini room.
The ambient noise is greatly reduced due to the design of the anechoic mini room.
Internal size 400 x 500 x 400 mm. (Different sizes available on request)
Weighing about 320 kilograms