• Noise Insulation Bangkok

Noise Insulation Bangkok

Noise Insulation Bangkok

Geonoise Thailand is a highly qualified trading company representing only top brands of measuring and calculation equipment/software for sound level measurements and vibration measurements and analyzing / mitigation calcultions. Some brands are SoundPLAN USA/Germany, Norsonic Norway, Profound Netherlands, BSWA China, Dustmate United Kingdom, Sonivent Poland.Legato Hong Kong.

  • Anti Noise S Cube™ Development Kit

    Anti Noise S Cube™ Development Kit

    Now you can use Silentium’s ANC solution in your own electronic applications and create a quieter workplace.

  •  SONarchitect ISO

    SONarchitect ISO

    SONarchitect ISO you can compute all the sound insulation values in one-third octave bands in the entire building according to ISO EN 12354:1,2,3,4,6. Results are detailed for every enclosure, separator, flank, and transmission path, and can be interactively explored.

  • Noise Contour Servise

    Noise Contour Servise

    Geonoise Thailand is equipped to create noise contour, noise mapping, indoor noise mapping (occupational noise mapping) and outdoor terrain noise mapping by our environmental engineers.

  • Acoustiblock Noise Insulation

    Acoustiblock Noise Insulation

    Acoustiblok is made of a proprietary viscoelastic polymer material with a high density mineral content. As sound waves cause the Acoustiblok material to flex, internal friction occurs and the acoustical energy is dissipated into a very small trace amount of heat. The viscoelastic principle is isothe

  • SoundPLAN software

    SoundPLAN software

    Sound mitigation and mapping software.

  • Nor1506 Portable Noise Monitoring Terminal

    Nor1506 Portable Noise Monitoring Terminal

    The weatherproof case Nor1506 has been designed to protect the sound-measuring instrument

  • Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT) of concrete piles

    Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT) of concrete piles

    Pile quality is often determined by performing a low strain integrity test directly after pile driving or within days after installation of cast-in-situ piles. Sonic Integrity Testing is a widely used method for testing the quality of concrete piles in a non-destructive way before they are incorpora

  • Bedrock STIPA meter SM50

    Bedrock STIPA meter SM50

    The SM50 was designed from the ground up by the inventors of STIPA, and is a fully compliant Speech Transmission Index measuring device as specified in IEC-60268-16 4th ed. (2011). It offers two measuring modes: a quick screening mode, optimized for ease of use and for quick use, and a "Pro" mode

  • NoiseAtWork


    NoiseAtWork is a powerful tool for visualization and reporting of occupational noise. Key words are fit for purpose, easy to use and cost efficient. I

  • Impedance Tube

    Impedance Tube

    SW series Impedance Tubes can accurately measure sound absorption coefficients and impedance according to ISO10534-2. They also support the sound transmission loss measurements based on the Transfer Function Method.

  • Norsonic Noise source

    Norsonic Noise source

    The Nor276 is a high power loudspeaker with omnidirectional characteristics. It fulfils the following standards; ISO 140-3 Annex C (Laboratory measurements), ISO 140-4 Annex A (Field measurements) and the ISO3382 Annex A (Reverberation Time measurements).

  • Nor848 Acoustic Camera

    Nor848 Acoustic Camera

    The Norsonic Nor848 sets a new standard for acoustical cameras. The large number of microphones eliminates the problems of ghost-spots,compared to traditional acoustical cameras where the relatively low number of microphones increases the side lobe effect,resulting in the so called ghost-spot effect

  • SoundBadge Noise Dosimeter

    SoundBadge Noise Dosimeter

    Introducing SoundBadge®, the personal noise dosimeter. Developed by leading industry specialists with the purpose of producing the smallest, most accurate and simplest to use acoustic dosimeter. With accurate data you can take steps to protect yourself and others from Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

  • IS-system - Geotechnical Monitoring System

    IS-system - Geotechnical Monitoring System

    Profound Intelligent Sensor-system is an effective tool for precision monitoring in the geotechnical

  • Groundwater Monitoring System BAT system

    Groundwater Monitoring System BAT system

    The patented BAT novative and proven technology for groundwater monitoring and testing


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